RTS Warehouse

Our demo samples are new product available at discounts up to 25% off. See what we have available today and call our office to take advantage of a great deal. Check back often as this list is constantly changing as our demo inventory is sold and new demo units are posted for sale.


Here is our most up-to-date demo sample availability…

Dean AX SPALT Acoustic Electric Guitar in Gloss Natural with Aphex pickup.
LL D-Lightweight case available for above
Luna AM D100- Americana Classic Cutaway A/E
Luna OCL- PCE Oracle Peace Grand Concert Acoustic Electric Guitar
LL DG- Lightweight Case available for above
Luna SAF DPN-Safari Dolphin Travel Guitar

Korg MAR1- Portable Arranger
Korg MMA130 – Mobile Amplifier

Samson XML 910

Vox 846HW Handwired Pedal
Vox JSOD (Joe Satriani Ice 9 Pedal)

Ultimate Support Custom 1- Are you talking to me? Custom Mic Stand
Ultimate Support Custom 6 – Smell The Rubber/Custom Mic Stand
Ultimate Support Tour-T-Tall Tripod Base-extra tall height
Ultimate Support Ulti-Boom FB Mic Boom, Fixed
Ultimate Support Live-ST