About RTSales

Representing a synergetic group of the top manufactures in the musical insrument, recording technologies, live sound, and entertainment lighting industries, RTSales offers retail partners a comfortable, open, and honest communication link to the inside sales and support systems at these manufacturers. For over 30 years, RTSales has earned a reputation as an effective and efficient resource for purchasing, sell-through support, and after-the-sale service. With offices in South Florida, North Florida, Atlanta, Nashville, Charlotte, and Alabama, RTSales provides manufacturers an instantaneous new product information path to all retail partners.

RTSales, Inc. – Mission Statement

RTSales, Inc. is committed to increasing the sales and brand recognition of a select group of suppliers related to the Music Technologies, Professional Audio and Entertainment Lighting industries. 

We have a thorough knowledge of our region’s dealerbase, with its unique market niches, and a strong working knowledge of the specialized products that we represent.

Both as a company and as individuals we commit to:

  • Maintain a professional presentation
  • Earn and maintain a trusted relationship with our manufacturers and resale partners
  • Maintain a thorough understanding of the unique sales markets and dealer positioning within our territory and the industry at large
  • Remain available to render market insights, and assist in market research, as pertaining to new product introductions and other related market area feedback
  • Maintain a sense of humor and positive outlook on business and life
  • Be environmentally and socially responsible
  • Support and encourage the arts in our communities